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Dao De Ching

What is Dao? What is De?
Not like toilet bidet
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Dao De Ching
老子,「道德經」(ru) http://lib.ru/POECHIN/lao5.txt
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How-to explain existance, dao-way
With words : just futile effort and fail
Nameless's a secret of the heaven and the earth
What named is closed in frame of words
But any essence of the matter and whatever name for it
Both seeds same grains of truth

Only desires passion makes us difficult to equalstand
One free of passion comprehends the essence
Hidden amongst manifestations of the random forms
Here goes a way to miracle, from sayings to the essence

What's good or bad : just definition matter
We name something : so we giving it dimensions
Only in comparison with ugly beautiful exists
We understand the death as no life
In relationship we see the long and short
In falling deep inventing high
To play a string the sound needs another sound
One after other comes the future present past

Therefore sage performs not doing, does not act
His teaching silent and without words his study
Creates and does not pursue ownership
Without help creates motion, again, again
Effortlessly gives birth to changes
And in completion and fulfillment, free of pride
Not losing for himself respect and love

Whenever knowledge does not inspire respect
Who would argue because of rightness
Whenever jewelry does not entice
Who would become a thief because expensive things
Whenever there was not object of desire
What would disturb our people's hearts
So who is wise when taking reins of management
Just tries to give to people clothes and food
And tries to destroy in them both knowledge and aspirations
To weaken will, to cool passion
And those who know let not agitate the people
Because only non-action leads to calmness

It is not easy giving dao definition
What is without body is the source of all existing things
It's empty but infinitely in manifestations
Formless itself but base form of the whole
The bottomless, it cause all phenomena on planet!

There is no real thing suitable to compare
Everything existing is like speck of dust that next to it
Shining of dao, discernment, excitement
They are comparable only with his majesty chaos
It is the forerunner of beginning of beginnings
I do not know what or who created it

Earth, sky look at the sufferings indifferently
Nature to humanity is not inclined
And do not use to try in sympathy for the unfortunate
To change the eternal and steady course of things
So wise man also following the laws of nature
And in humanity does not see the benefits for people
People's natural life appreciating

There are certain things whose use depends on voids
Flute for example, bellows
The larger void, the greater movement freedom
More motion so more benefit in them
Like space between the heaven and the earth
Resembles flute or bellows and perfectly void

Not worth it for a long time to discuss
Useful in all to follow measure

In search of the origin of the universe of heaven-earth
You find a gate that is the basis of existence
Deep in the gate there're roots of the beginning-birth
Beyond this gate there's nothing
Gate is from may be to it is a timeless eternal creation
From nothing : there is no limit and no end to the diversity of application
An application that is like a non-stop-pulling thread

It is : because they do not worry of themselves
Ceaseless is time of earth and sky
And so a wise man does
Many life years for those who will not value life
Will be ahead who wants to go last
Will find his happiness who not afraid to lose
Who does not care of himself him luck will never leave

Water gives us the highest dignity example
Seeks silence benefiting everyone
It does not fight with anyone for the position-honor
And try to be as low as the people do not like
Look at the water : you can see your face
Its flow is similar to dao-stream

And so the sage accordingly to wishes of his heart
With anyone is friendly and his dwelling's modest
In speeches truthful, directs people calmly
Decides on time, takes tasks only accordingly ability
Acquiescent just like water and always following the silence
So all the troubles and mistakes avoid him going around

You need to know when to stop
You can not fill the jug over the edge
Excessive wealth just can not be protected
Excessively sharp sword will soon be blunt
And pride in object-status no limits
Will bring misfortune on a house

To leave as soon as work's completed be you able
Such is the way of natural existance-law

If on your reaching accord with yourself
With all of your body and with all of your soul
You will manage not lose the perfection
If in a time of appeasement your breath
You will become like newborn again
If having cleared your contemplation
You can be saved from folly-error
If you by artlessly loving your people
While you're in your country above all your nation
Can manage it with absence of all cunning tricks
If you can like the eternal mother
To give someone life and to give someone death
You will not lose but continue your peace
If you manage to equalstand whole world

Foster and teach, take care, giving birth
And just create without possessing
Act, but after acting reward don't expect
Manage, dominate no acknowledging-honor

So you will know about grace of de

How helpful wheel if has no hole for axis
Pitcher is clay but emptiness is useful
More space inside the house : more comfortable and pleasant home

Thus emptiness-void creates any use
In what filling space and turning income

Too many colors weaken eyes
Are deafening excessive sounds
Feelings are blunt by great variety of flavors
It's useless to amuse the heart, excite by entertainment
Desires-excess hamper to the peaceful life
Most of the people's crimes create because of treasures

But sage by ornaments will not be affected
He just prefers to think about food

Shame, compliment us equally worry and equally preoccupy
The more you value yourself, the fear is stronger
In loss of value and price you are afraid your good name gone
And already in persecution fear of people awful and strong

Whenever you just value yourself not much
Opinions of other people's do not touch

If in your thoughts you're raising yourself above the world
You only will depend on it excessively and stronger
But if instead self-service all your life will dedicated others
Getting a whole world
You just will gain the love and trust of people

Because, the world trustingly devotes itself entirely
For those who not distinguishing themself from it contrarily

Boundaries of the senses in the cognition of the dao create these limitations :
It cannot be heard it's beyond edge of sound
It cannot be looked at it's beyond plot of sight
You cannot feel it's beyond fingers touching
Unified it cannot be defined
In any of doctrines of all science

Its rise does not brings to radiance
Its fall does not creates a darkness
That-what-without-name is a constant
And constantly returning to its non-existence
Unclear, foggy all its names are helpless

Whoever stands before it can not see its face
Those who follow it can not find the turn
Its law unites all times
The one who adhere to it controls the present
And witness of the sources of the world

This law is called the eternal thread of dao

Ancient people of dao so deeply penetrated into the essence of phenomena
That those who are not uninitiated barely understand them
So I'll just draw a picture
Of their behavior
Where you will find an external manifestation of their outlook on the world :

They were so gentle in their way of life
Like on the ice in their pass through river
And so kept wary, cautious behavior
As if the enemy was about to attack
Not cunning were like a plain simple tree
Behaving like a guest decently with respect
Like spring ice were thin
Like house's roof responsible where waiting dear man
Impenetrable like a flood of mud that comes from mountains fast down

Were not understood by others
But all the vague were able clarify
And while staying in non-action
Others induce to the activity-success
They held firmly to dao
In scarcer their will and wishes
By satisfied humbly-small
They put up peace with poverty
Did not create a new

Keeping the consciousness at perfect rest
I will reach emptiness that ultimate, no border
And so without word I will observe
Phenomena in gust of life will blossom
They are slowly returning to their own source
Returning to serenity and to be empty :
The fate of everyone without final choice

The cycle of this eternal accomplishment
Called the law of permanence-constancy
And its cognition means enlightenment
Those who neglect of it to evil pushes
The person who accepts the permanence-constancy
With him expressed nature justice
The divine law that our world controls
The only thing that can not be destroyed :
Without body that destined for the death-decay
Dao existence is eternity, not over

That not worthy to belief
Who does not believe in people
He manages worst of all
And him everyone despises

Greater success expectation :
Who fear causes to all

Better just will be achieved
With more love and more respect

The best leader is the one
As not familiar not known
Not appearing with speeches
When he simply reaches goal
And the people all just think
Everything goes by itself

When in themselves people losing dao path
On them from side society law enforcement just imposed
When a person could not live by conscience
He faces civil-family debt-obligation

And with the outbreak of principles by cunning-wit invented
Hypocrisy, disdain, resistance coming

In a family where everyone in quarrel
Usually with speeches debt-obligation are recalling
And so in a country where the situation with the order is not good
Patriotism, adherence and conformity to law demanding

Whenever there no knowledge and learning
A hundred times more people were happy
Whenever there no professionals who make their things
And traders that they want to rip off profits
So basics were not for crimes
If there is no moral law, etc. restrictions
That states here and there trying to put on each person
Then people would return to the harmony in their family relations

What these examples here say about
In one possible expression may be put :
Simplicity is what the most suitable for a sage
Naturalness of piece of wood, clean canvas
The wise man should throw egoism away forever
To give up aspirations and desires

And now, and at any time
A wise man suffers from the wisdom
Is here long the step between respect and hatred?
Or can you see great difference between kindness and evil?
Afraid himself who causes people to fear

In the midst of a holiday alone i wander unhurriedly without business
Absorbing absent-mindedly impressions
As if i had just been born newborn wide-eyed with the wonder of a heart
Without looking for anything watching the world without expectations
Where is the house where i will find my peace?
There is no hope that i will ever get get close to ever find it
Helplessly swimming just like a tiny leaf along the river flow

To have prosperity and livelihood are common aspirations
I'm left alone aside
Stupid! I have no obvious achievements
And people see the simpleton in me
The others have opinions about everything
Themselves are confident without drop of doubt
And only i in darkness day and night wandering alone
Without knowledge dumb from childhood
To the concepts that are clear to all i can not find explaining
Like sleeping dreaming on a bottom of the ocean of life

All people shine with bright abilities and talents
Going to their destinations looking for success
Only i aimlessly like a wave without interest
In absence oscillating catching space
Like sending wind that blows over the sea
I will not share common human matters
Suckling the breast of mother nature

Dao defines boundaries of de
Essence of de begins from dao, follows dao-source
Dao itself is a marvelous riddle
And in its expressions also lays the way of wonders

Provision of unclear and indefinable-indeterminate :
In misty depths are hidden the images of every thing
In its obscurity contents of our lives preserved
In its unimaginable darkness lies each embryo of existence
A potentially realistic spark
In it all nature has an interpretation

And from antiquity to present day
Everyone has tried it to explain
To give it a distinct name, make it more understandable, less strange
To serve as an instrument necessary for equalstanding
Of the beginning all and any matter

Flawed preserves the embryo of improvement
Crooked will always try to straightened be
And only can be filled something empty
Something old will give a chance at renewal
Something in short supply gives chances to acquire to purchase
What is in excess more likely will be in loss, expulsion

Contradictions are uniting in whole one
This view
The sage takes as an example of behavior
He does not expose himself, but is open to everyone
He does not insist on his own, but is right
He does not boast of himself, but pleases the people and gets a backup, his path to others is an example
Wins power and is not proud of it
Do not compete with anyone, so there is no worthy rival person who can replace him

So is not the ancient saying true:
Flawed keeps a germ of the perfect?
Accept the movement
As your return to your perfection

Strong wind of morning passes quickly
And time of heavy rain will sooner cease
Nature, in every word it has, is thrifty
And what we'll say about a man that he does not even try to match nature
Does he not have to keep a word
And not to be too talkative about the important?

Anyone who thinks of his life to be the dao service
He is confident on his way
And the way to him provides affirmation
And anyone who thinks of his life as the de virtue service
Makes himself righteous
And as an answer from life he will meet joy
And these who see life as a way of trouble-loss
Guilt in any trouble immediately depends on them
And they will not get out of it

It has been said in the past through the centuries over the years:
Everyone shall give according to his faith

Standing on toes is unstable
Stepping too wide not for long distance
By exposing self on public you will not find love, respect
Praising stubbornly yourself you will get no drop of glory
Attacking you will not achieve success
With pride you will never be a leader

All beings are avoiding something that is unnecessary and causes a fuss
If you want make your life accordingly to dao way, go with them with the truth

He from the perfection that is chaotic, unorganized
Was born before count of earth and heaven
So quiet silent and alienated!
Enough to be one self and always
He keeps his turning, losing nothing
In all phenomena infinitely he penetrates
He gives birth to the everything that rest of it

I do not know his name
And sign dao only will designate
And if i have to give him the name
I'll attach a big word to him
What does big mean?
It's so huge for a thought
Here you seem to understand him but ... he is far far away
And time and time again brings us back to misunderstanding

So can some insignificant subject of cognition
Just try to understand what is so great?

Yes, infinitely dao, has no limits
And there are no limits to sovereignty and laws that they from dao flow
And there are no limits, countless things of the world that operate under these laws
But yet for knowledge is not less strong passion, ambition
And human being has ability to understand material world
Because between great powers it is not in the last place
And in the knowledge of things, the laws of heaven are opened before it
And it begins with them, to understand what is it dao

Dare cognition, reason to repeat such words in mind:
I am a human being like a godly god or goddess kind

Root heaviness holds the lightness of the plant
Tranquility of the plant : is the queen of the momentum of its branches
And safety from the storm of wind

When wise man suddenly encounters a miracle on the road
He does not leave, does not forget his load
And the wonder of seeing the miracle, will not tempt him
He will not throw off his weight and will not run toward it

So the ruler should take into his consideration :
Hating and humiliating his people lead to failure
Calm people are the root of governments that will be strong
Where will the ruler go when his roots are cut off?
If all victories and achievements are only for himself, it will be in vain
In fussy movements, it will be easy to him lose his power

The very best is traveler who does not leave a trace
The best speaker is the one who has no need to explain his speech to anyone
The most perfect design or plan is one that has no plan or design at all
When sage needs to bind two things, he uses no rope
But you will not untie them for a thousand of years
When sage closes doors
He does not use the lock
And opens them impossible with keys

That is why a wise man lives with an open door
Meets everyone in confidence and with an open heart
And anyone who comes, will never be refused
Whether a man is in trouble or unbelieving
Whether it's a human being or other creature
No one will leave without help
Therefore he is prepared to teach those who want to learn
In this he earns the joy and honor
But he is not strongly attached to his student
Prevents connections that may bind him more strongly
So did his student, in order to further advance his study
Do not give the teacher too much respect

After all, knowledge without any drop of mistake
Is a rich source to entanglement and folly

Only this is an absolute truth to recognize!

While you aware of the masculine nature
About women's qualities in yourself do not forget :
You must become just like a valley, opposite, between two hills
And, being in the shadow of them both
All world in wholeness, like a newborn child
Then you can perceive

In thoughts of light do not forget about darkness
Any yes has a no
And every sentence will be followed by another, opposite, against it
Each and every stick has a different end and edge
You are yourself such a contradiction pattern
And if in any situation you will remember about these opposites
Most complications can just be avoided
And there will be no limits to your intelligence and knowledge

And in your thoughts about honor and success
Do not forget about the possibility of humiliation
Be like a passage that connects your modesty and pride
To stand on either of them is not so easy
In keeping balance between them, you will keep smart and decent behavior
You can become as natural as plain wood, as a piece of a tree

Like a piece of wood that made it possible to be cut, worked
When we are preparing or processing
That's how wise man can apply the difference of opposites
In his affairs and in his thoughts
But what is great is one-single-united
And it is impossible divide or separate

Our world is beautiful, like a mysterious cup
Full of enigma, of our fates, our lives
Can it be subject to conquest?
Whoever wants to rule over our world
He will lose in the end
That was always the case

The changing in our world is permanent, forever
Therefore grabbing, seizing, capturing it will never work at all
Those who seize power after time will once himself obey
Those who breathe freely will be suffocated
Strong will be weak
All structures will be destroyed
Whoever conquers will not hold what he has once conquered

Since the wise man understands this in his thoughts
He did not go into self-assurance
And in his mind avoids any desire, passion

When a governor asks the sage what kind of management is good
How does he need with dao his reign to conform
He in response does not accept approval for his use of the power of the army
The nature of violence is to always return blow with blow
Where troops passed, there grows weed
And after the military campaign
Years of the destruction, hunger, and sorrow come

Therefore, a wise man chooses violence only by his own will if there is no other choice
He wins only by responding to attack
Achieving what he needs does not continue to haunt
He, having won another success does not fall into complacency and pride
He is not a thief of property
His triumph excludes blessings
And his achievement will not be used to strengthen power

Because he who will rise by force
He who attains his victory in such a high energy way
He will fall weak and die
It will be result of lack of respect for dao law

The weapon of war is a sinister omen what a terrible sign
It causes death fear and hatred
And with the right hand it is associated
A follower of dao hates to hold a weapon in his hands

The sage in days of peace, to the sovereign will give advice
Just to control tranquility with a left hand
But if a day comes when an enemy attacks
A reaction of power to the right hand he will allow
With peace and quiet life respect for the left
Respect for the right during fighting times
So the left reminds us about the days of good, of peace
And the right is a symbol of dark gloomy predictions

The weapon of war is a sinister omen what a terrible sign
And a wise ruler will use it
Only in a last case scenario, when there is no choice
If he retains his composure, he will win
Without showing joy without celebration
Who will celebrate a reason
That caused people to die
He who rejoices will not find understanding of the people

When a ruler gets a victory procession
The senior officers stand on the right flank
And the lower ones stand by their rank on the left
The distribution of honorable places is
Similar to that of ceremony of burial ritual
After all, victims lost in war only cause bitterness and sorrow
As in the funeral guard, winners stand

Dao resembles a whole natural wood
It is not called names in principle and not divided into pieces
And that's because
Even in the smallest manifestation
It does not stand subordinate relation to the whole
It is equal in size to itself

If just instead of rulers and all authorities kinds
Such a principle could be applied in society
There would no longer be any need for coercion
And everyone would see the benefit of all as his own benefit
And in exercising self-control, people would be happy
Not rice but honey dew would be easily collected from the fields
Earth and sky would merge in an ecstatic mix...
Alas, this dream is beautiful but in vain
And a different order or mess established among people

The basis of this order mess : distinction
And of all sorts differences of traits
And the embodiment crown of this process : names
To everything belongs its name with its given definition
In relationship and comparison to others
As between stamps of polished wood coated with lacquer for decoration
You see the differences in entities and objects

Naming, as well as distinction
Is convenient to people in everyday use
And it's important for their practice
But there is a danger of losing the sense of perfection of the world
It is therefore useful to know the limitations in the invention of new words
The difference in words all comes down to one

Different rivers flow as if separately
But if you follow their movement to the sea
You will understand that there is no separation in the flow
And there is one whole single water
So also dao while it is a host of applications in myriad manifestations
Is the whole single one, remains forever

If you are familiar with the secret string in the soul of another : you are wise
If you understand the dark sides of your heart : you are full or light

If you know the feeling of victory : you are a strong hero
But you are twice as strong if you can win, gain control over yourself

If you are satisfied with all of you and all your arrangements : you are rich
But let your spirit strengthen your standing to your new successes

If you do not lose your goal in a long journey
There will also be the years of your life
And if you die but do not erased from memory
Not your body, but your soul will remain for thousands of years

Tracking the rivers edge, spilled spring waters, can be similar to dao
There are no borders, no directions to the left or to the right
There are myriad creatures they even do not know it exists
They are just born from it and to it will return again
Dao creates all inanimate, all fauna, all flora, expecting nothing back
It nourishes the world with the power of creation
Without forcing anyone to subordinate

It has no will or self-purpose
Which is considered insignificant or poor
In public recognition
Yet its face is innocent
But dao is absorbing the entire world
Accepting everyone without rejecting anyone
It does not think of itself as the great master owner
And gives us an example of its true greatness

Keeping the dao way, preventing trouble
Everything is always moving in the pursuit of peace
Just food and joy are sufficient reasons for a wise man
For whom he involuntarily will stop for breaks

Though dao does not represent food itself
And by its taste, appearance, and hearing cannot be recognized
He who learns to get joy from it
Will not end up his sole source of gladness

Before compressing, you need to expand
To weaken something, let increase its strength
Let grow, to eliminate
And generously give the gift, if you wish just to take away
Here is the wisdom with which weakness
Able to win anything with strength

Like a fish that does not have to come out from the depths of water
Thus, the state does not need give political explanations to its people

Dao is always in a state of no action
But it does not leave things undone
If the rulers could do the same
The world itself would blossom on its own, as it should

But if someone dissatisfied here by natural change
In his ambition he will insist on adding unnecessary things
These desires and ambition should be stopped
Him need to force to return immediately to the sovereignty of natural simplicity
So that no one will have resistance to its majesty nature

Nameless, naturalness of nature does not suffer from desire
And that's why it achieves calmness
In the absence of personal desires, it follows a wonderful path to silence
Then order by itself just can be established on the earth

The more sincere qualities, the better
The less there are, the more they try to manifest themselves
Higher morality in less fuss and deliberate intentions
From these considerations we can have known virtues to compare :

The holder of the supreme de deliberately does not act
He, having no goals, does not do
And yet what needs, he does not leave undone

According to the call of heart, only the high humanity emerges
And not counting on human gratitude

A matter of high justice is full of aspiration
To put everything so it fits

High decency drives all activity within the frame of rituals
And forces those who voluntarily do not observe the ritual

So we see that with the loss of dao
De is left
With the loss of de
There is still hope for humanity
With the loss of mercy, law is still observed everywhere
With loss of law, only ceremoniality remains

But the ritual is an empty shell of faith
When an idea going to be a rash
To illiteracy and stupidity here is a beginning
And foretaste close to the distemper

Therefore, a wise man chooses not the shell but only the content
And for himself prefers not the flowers, prefers for himself the fruits

Things that have existed for hundreds of years have been shaped to strive for wholeness
Heaven tries to become pure, transparent and empty
Earth is proud of its stability and firmness
Water flows and fills the arteries of the streams
Living creatures are not tired of bringing forth new generations

A ruler in this way maintains the integrity of a state
When he himself is an example of perfect qualities to the people

Loss of wholeness always leads to danger
So, if a cloud of thunderstorms tore heaven into pieces
Thus, heaven forbid, earth is split in the earthquake
The empty channels, dried up, will disappear in the hot desert
Thus every living species will disappear if it does not give life to the generations

If sovereign is of not enough moral height to the people
So there is a risk of overthrowing his rule
Because the lower is always the base of the higher
The support of peoples strengthens authorities
Is there a reason here for the ruler not to respect them?

Perhaps one day a governor would call himself insignificant or miserable or poor
Perhaps that's how he would try to find support and compassion
But it is a false path which will instead bring
Danger of losing his good title and dignity in the eyes of people

Just think if you dismantle a chariot
The different parts will not allow it to be ridden
Because everything is useful in its entirety
With the correct ratio for each part
Therefore, although it is not necessary to fall into self-importance
Such as believing to be a precious diamond
However also you should not yourself consider a cobblestone

The dao movement comes from negation
In a weakness, there is a cycle of rotation
From being just to every thing birth
And itself being appearance
Comes from negation of existence

When a sage is learning about dao he tries hard to embody it
An ordinary person is enthusiastic about it, or later leaves it
A fool laughs at it
But of course and no doubt, without laughing dao would not be itself

Do not just say : seems strange who filled all with light and spirit
Who sees a clear path : he looks like he got lost
The one who has reached the spiritual heights : seems as descended
A man of high purity : in the eyes of the people seems as a perverse
There are many examples of this contradiction
Because ultimate abundance involuntarily causing in people sense of flaw
With feelings of negativity and contrast
How often the highest virtue is suspected just to be deception!
It is difficult to find truth in the variability of a changing world

The great goes beyond the usual limits of ordinary recognition
The corners of great square cannot be specified
The great gift takes long waiting, and only rarely happens
The ears do not hear a very strong sound
The great image of dao does not have a clear definition
It is nameless and hides from us like kind of air
And yet dao creates all the beginnings of the world
And all the processes of the world lead to completion

Dao is not divided and it is supportive of the unity of the world
And in the unity of every thing, with closer examination
We find two mutually exclusive aspirations
Two polar opposites, qualities that are changing constantly
And there is indeed a third force which creates the transformation
This trio just defines breath to the world
And the foundation of all things
Was given any essence, carries in itself, properties of yin and yang
And with the help of tsi power of life
The harmony of the combination was created
Fitting-harmony-joy in sharing justice and consent
What we calling dui

People overcoming their misfortunes or troubles
Try in the eyes of others to be happy
They do not like to be called unsuccessful, losers
But those in power who possess good luck and wealth
They say on purpose we are poor or we can not succeed

So what is below : aims to rise
Conversely, the sublime seeks self-deprecation
One who has by violence achieved his position
He is afraid of violence towards himself
Harsh life lessons will teach me a lot
And in return the world the same just will receive from me
Here the proverb meaning is a reflection

With time the pliant thing overcomes hardness
And what-is-nothing-stuff
Permeates to what-is-no-space
A wise man understands this
And fully uses no-action
His teaching knowledge is wordless
But it is rare thing for someone in the world
This principle accepting
And taking it as way of life

What do you think is closer to the body : a name or life
And what is more precious : life or all of life possessions
Is it not true that acquiring
Harder than a loss to overcome
The more wealth, glory and fame one has
The greater will be the fall
The more that feelings and emotions absorb life
The harder will be the reckoning
Only those who comply with measure
Successfully avoid and shame and trouble
And their lives prolong for a long time

What happens close to the edge : like a rotation of the rolling wheel
The face of perfection of the impeccable at the limit is like vicious
The inexhaustible fullness yet emptiness are also closed in limit
Great art seems awkward, fragile and unskilled
A sentence stuttering we hear in an attempt at accuracy
In paradox, the truth of words of great beauty just penetrating

It is known that the movement wins the cold
And to release from superfluous heat we see a remedy in its soothing
When the world brings a mystery of some kind into our emotional turmoil
Always the calmness in lucid thinking for its clear understanding ignites light

If a country with dao and de implemented
A horse improves by manure a field's quality in peace
If dao and de are not implemented in a country
Fighters on horses as tools of war rush through the streets

Limitless passions are more dangerous than natural disasters
Thirst to possess more is more destructive than any kind of loss
Desires without knowing measures are worse than the robbery, plunder
One will enjoy happiness and fun who does not seek income
An income that is beyond consumption, just exaggeration

For knowing the world one doesn't need to go far
He who goes further : knows less : while the real secret is right now
And in front of your eyes, at hand, in just a bit, a little
The wise man does not need to open windows to comprehend the path of heaven
He does not need to see the exterior
He is without the outward appearance of things
Selects for them correct and appropriate names
He finishes everything without action and without problems

Those who just learn will add of knowledge an inventory
He who keeps the dao way : all knowledge he gained : will be lost
Up to a point there is no need in his activity
And this is how he achieves his condition of inaction
A true inaction does not leave unfinishing, incompletion of the deeds
Dormant without action and commitment, it unobtrusively defeats all the world
But it's no use in this way trying to impose your will on other people

We cannot always see the same qualities in the soul of a wise man
These change, improve in his communion with those who come into contact with him

In meetings with good people, he is of course invariably good
He also responds to evil people with kindness
Thus he develops in his heart, openness and beauty
For those who do deserve trust he believes
But those who do not deserve trust, he also meets with trust
Thus he increases the purity of his soul without demanding the same from anyone

From the souls of people, he collects jewels, or sometimes just trash
And he does not distinguish between good or evil
He is looking into the world with a baby's eyes
Without judging and without choice
Everything re-melts in the heart into pure de virtue

Already at birth and at the entrance to the world
Every man's life is running out of time
Of every ten people, only three are flowering
And three more are at the end of their road
Four others are staying in their movement in life
Rushing to death
And this is because they want to live too much

However people say :
That who discovered the final comprehension of the life
He can avoid wild animals attacks
And the weapons of people
And on his body there is no place for a rhinoceros horn
And for the claw of a tiger, no place of application
Attacker can not penetrate with knife
Because just death has no basis for entry

The dao is not tired of creating all the things in the universe
And de engaged in bringing them nourishing food and education
In material terms : it is the basis of the formation of all things
In their environment and under conditions of development
Included possibility achieving ultimate perfection

Because of this, the world is ready follow dao
And every case of de finds lauding and respect
Spontaneous and non-compulsory
Like the course of how natural things are going
Because the dao to everything it creates
Takes care, cherishes, raises, nurtures, comforts
And protects from enemies
All thanks to de

Without holding and possessing : to create
Create and not be proud in your creation
Manage without dominating nor forbidding others :
Here are the principles that they must comply
Who wants to be with de

Everything has its origin and a development in past
We can assume that this is for any thing as reason
Having understood the reasons it is necessary
To find their manifestations in the consequences
Knowing the results is worth remembering : there were reasons
Then you will not be afraid of danger

Everyone knows that with the cooling of emotion
And with closing the doors from the world
Every human being would live without difficulty
But if you release your feelings and emotions
And take responsibility as an addition to the senses
You do not let go of your problems until death

The clarity of thought helps you notice imperceptible details
Having the power of thought, you will be able retain it even when it is escaping
In nature, use the light of reason for recognition
So you can bring back the clarity of comprehension of the world
And of its parts, unity in one, to influence another
And you can not do yourself or others harm
This is exactly what is called, follow constancy

To desire knowledge of dao leads to a wonderful great way
Those who start walking there following the routes, will not get in trouble
Only those who get off the road will be afraid
The dao way is wide and straight, and has no twists
But people usually prefer narrow paths

Rulers in magnificent, luxurious rooms, in palaces
Live in vanity and they do not notice
That their country's fields are full of weeds
And that there is not enough bread for their people
They are accumulating wealth, hanging on their bodies precious things
Steeped in a variety of satiety
And with good reason, they cause disgust
They are called braggart and burglars
This, their boorish, bad behavior is the contradiction of dao

If the construction of the wall took hundreds of years
It will be hard to break
It is not simple : to escape from strength of habits
It has always been the tradition of descendants to honor fathers
Verily that one should be the owner of real de
Who tries to improve himself
Excess of de for one that helps his family improves
He who improves his city will possess strong de
Fruitful de is for those who create with it the country
He who dares to correct our world is blessed by infinite de

Only when you try to improve one of these rules
The object of your care you can fully know

Trying to reach limit in yourself
You could look at yourself with enthusiasm
If you strive to create family perfection, you will see the family in a new light
In an attempt to correct a city or a country
You will understand them more fully
By wishing the world to improve
You will learn everything on our planet

The world opens these secrets to me
Because I followed the road that dao offered, became a devotee

A person who achieved de is similar to a newborn baby
A child is always blessed by the world
Predatory beast and the bird his instinctively save
Even though he is small and weak, his ability to live has a special power
He is the example of wholeness, perfection
He is not yet familiar with the secret of sexual relations
Noisy throughout day, without fatigue or exhaustion
Full of harmony and suitable to the natural world

Harmony for the wise man is constancy of observance
The knowledge of constancy means enlightenment
A life full of adventures, cares, and concerns
Success and ambition benefits enrichment and aspiration
It gives a man moments of happiness
But it causes unnecessary burning of life energy and consumption
No matter how good this way seems, it has nothing to do with dao
After great growth which blossoms will withering fast
Non-observance of dao accelerates the approach of death

He who knows : never seeks to explain
And he who explains : his own talking he does not understand

When you manage to cool down your emotions
Against the outside world, to close all doors
And from all affections, releasing ties
And to refrain from the sharpness of sensations
And to replace life flashes with a quiet shining
And to stop in thoughts vain, emptily fluctuating
You will win, reaching the mysterious unity with the world

The wise man who reached this, to someone neither friend nor foe
To nothing, to no one is he close, nor anything does he reject
Does not do good and does not cause evil
He is indifferent to contempt or to glorification
To loss or to acquisition of material wealth
And therefore the whole world
Treats him with reverence reach out with respect

The country is ruled through its established orders
A non-standard attitude will help the strategist win the battle
But one can rule the whole world
Only if he is free of action

Indeed, multiplication of all kinds of prohibitions
Usually leads to rising number of poor
The harder the authorities protect the bans
The more the number of weapons grows
And the troubles in the state grow
Education leads to dangerous innovations
And the more complex become the set of laws and regulations
The more sophisticated the crimes that will develop

So the governor, if he is wise would take into account
If he avoids harsh movements
Everything will beautiful by itself change
All the distortions tend to right themselves
When the bearer of power preserves the peace
More people have the opportunity to enrich themselves
When the state does not interfere with them and weaken them
If the sovereign suppresses his desires and passions
His people will begin to return to natural healthiness

With soft power, citizens are simplehearted
Severity only causes perfidy
The beginnings to happiness are contained within sufferings and troubles
And the roots of the next disaster
Are hidden in success
Where will this cycle of infinity will lead?
All that is right will inevitably become perverted
All good things are doomed to turn into a curse
And human delusions, fallacies, and misconceptions are eternal

Therefore a wise governor is firm but not in any case cruel
He is direct, sincere, straight-hearted, understands the weakness of others
Adhering to morality, he is far from intolerant
He is purposeful, but does not reach the goal at any cost
In no way would he be dazzled by the light of knowledge

In order to govern people in accordance with the laws of nature
The ruler must show restraint in all his actions
Pre-empting the appearance of the opposing results
In order to avoid negative consequences
In each situation he requires backup to reinforce his de
Then the resistance to his intentions will not arise
So he would have no objection to what he is doing :
That power will have no external constraint
Which prudent moderation is able to observe

There is a similarity of the state with motherhood :
It binds the isolated people to the whole with a unity
For the purpose of the continued existence of a species
When the ruler understands this
He takes the maternal responsibility on his shoulders
So his power has strong roots and robustness
He will be able to prolong the life of the world
And to see and predict the future

Preparing a delicious dish from small fish, one has a willingness
For a great investment of labor art and patience
And this is true for the state in case of management
When the ruler in his management seeks how to unite with dao
So spirits of haste, impatience, pettiness, contempt and neglect of the details
Will not interfere with his completion of the matter, and keeping the track
And he himself will not cause harm to his citizens
But become the common mutual de that strengthens everyone

We know : all the roads lead to Rome or to Jerusalem
Every great kingdom is a place of concentration
Like flows of innumerable streams gathering in the river
To a great ocean flows a whole movement of water
Likewise, people are different in character and behavior
Having found in the state the center of the union
Thereby creating a single organism

We can find resemblance to the kingdom in the weakness of a woman
Paying attention to external interest
Conquering by obedience of male initiative
And her passivity is just activity absorbing
She always wins with weakness what is masculine power

For a great country, its relations with a small troublesome neighbor
It is enough just to be passive in order to absorb it slowly with time
And after a small country gives up to a great one
It receives a new infrastructure
In any case the total size rises for two neighbors

And everyone wins, gets a union
The big country is getting new citizens
And the people of the small country are given opportunities
That were unknown to them before
So everyone gets what he just wants
Here is how pliability leads to greatness

Dao represents the innermost essence of all phenomena and things
There is support for lite, beautiful and good by darkness, nasty, evil

Who would appreciate the kind words
And the nobility of beautiful things and acts
Whenever as a contrast
He in himself, he knew no evil?
In a luxurious exit from the palace
Which is accompanied by high officials
Is it not better to appreciate the wise man
Who modestly sits and tries to learn the dao?

Perhaps ancient people revered and respected dao much
Because they saw the true measure of real values within it
They did not tried to accumulate all kinds of treasures
And they did not lose the ability to see their own imperfection
They tried without violence to overcome it
And thus contributed to the rise of dao in the heavenly empire

Preferring peace, keep your inaction
And feel a taste for an unpleasant thing
Find in a little, much, consider small as great
And by serene de, respond to wrathful curses
Try to start the difficult while it is in its infancy
Start great big things from tiny sprouts
Because all complicated problems arise from trifling ones
And the great long path consists of small short steps

A wise man does not build, does not cherish great plans
And that is why precisely they come true for him
Whoever is easily taken for business, just will soon easily fail
Whoever sees only the easy way, will find the difficulty vice versa for himself
But a wise man, as in any task, is always ready to meet the obstacles
And they will never accumulate
He will never face an unsolved problem

What is motionless is easy to conquer
And what is undecided is easy to dispose of or to get along with
What is fragile, is easy to crush into dust
Small pieces more quickly will be carried away by wind
Work, deal with what has not even appeared yet
Bring order earlier ghost of distemper you can see
Oak with a diameter of two girths is growing from acorn
A large tower starts with a small pile of earth
And long path of many hundreds miles
Starts under your feet

He who is active he will spoil his case and one greedy will get loss
He who is hasty on the edge of success will meet his defeat
The wise man does not act, so does not fall in failure
Without having, he does not lose, he does not rush to become richer
And at the end of his work and in its beginning, he is always careful
He ends the matter with perfection and success
The wise man wishes to himself unwillingness
He does not admire what the majority appreciates
He learns something higher than understanding
And he returns to what people leave unattended
By supporting things spontaneous in nature
He dare not exert influence on them

Those old ancient ones that dao understood in perfection
Tried to protect the ordinary simple people
From knowledge of the actions of the authorities
In the ignorance of the methods of government, they left their people
Because the country often goes bankrupt ruined
When people know much about the authorities and ruler
On the contrary : growth of prosperity in the country seeing
If there are no unnecessary news and publicity in it

The ruler that understands and realizes this is true
He is the example of a intelligent man with reason
To implement the ideal
He has reinforcement by the supreme virtue
And his ability to think in depth and width is a revelation of this virtue
In that way he with de can in anything see the contrast
And so he knows how to restore unity harmony to all the world

Capable rivers dominate in valleys
Only because they try to direct their waters down

Anyone who wants to take a high position
He must speak to the people from the bottom up
And anyone who wants to be first
Demonstratively should stand behind of people
When a wise man does this, goes in this manner
He does not represent to anyone a burden, and is not a yoke to anyone's neck
And even when ahead
He does not seem to be a hindrance on the way
Willingly, people push him ahead
And do not blame him for their troubles
The wise man is fighting no one : and therefore
He does not have a worthy competitor

Any relationship is not everlasting, not forever
When something tries to be measured and to be compared
It loses over time the value of that measurement
And with a measuring changes the attitude to opposite
What was less will be more
And time reduces the largeness
That's why great dao is unshakable
Because in the real world with it you can compare nothing

But just three things are especially valuable to me :
Self-sacrifice in love, which gives courage
Not wasting anything, which leads to generosity and kindness
And modesty, which brings to the authorities respect of people
Here, the losing of harmony means missing a balance of opposites
Who puts more weight into kindness or heroism
Or in satisfaction with his rule, forgets about modesty
His death inevitably awaits
What will bring victory in battle, is love
And love impregnable in defense, protects
He who loves : heaven protects him

An experienced warrior has no lust for combat
A formidable fighter hero will not lose self-control
A wise strategist will not start battles somewhere in the field
And a great leader will not stop before his humiliation
If he wants to see the people under his influence
It's a talent to win the victory without violence
It's the art of managing people with ease
Alliance with the land and with the heavens
And with the experience of our forefathers

Says the art of war : keep the possibility of movement
Instead of standing, waiting for guests, it is better to be a guest
It's better to go back instead of making progress
Change the place of force, so that no one sees this change
Get ready but do not show preparation
And in the empty void, make an enemy delivering the blows
All these measures lead to winning without fighting

But there are no enemies more dangerous than the weak ones
When victory for you seems easy, close, already in your hands
It's easy to forget about the rules
And miss your value or lose

When the battle of two armies begins
He who regrets it and is sorry, wins

I think i speak so simply and that my aspirations and intentions are so clear
But unfortunately I do not see an understanding of myself in anyone
Because there is one problem here
The words and actions are the outer manifestations of consciousness
And the beginning of the movements of the soul are ineffable and can not be caught
And can not be directly understood by another, by anyone else

To all of us, uniqueness raises the price
But it also brings difficulties in the communications within relationships
And the wise man in vain keeps the jewel in his heart
It is better for people to see the differences in clothing

To know that you do not know leads to great success
If you do not know the limits of knowledge, you'll be in trouble
And only in the midst of suffering due to knowledge will you be able to reduce harm
The wise man understands and is aware
Of the origins and reasons for the possible entanglements
And does not enter into all sorts of errors, mistakes

When in the name of discipline people forcefully impose obedience
The reversed result is usually seen
Hatred will be anti-coercion, anti-oppression the answer
However when the leadership is built not just on fear
It reaches high horizons
A wise ruler understands the power of leadership
And he does not show it off to anyone, does not demonstrate control
He does not lose his honor, does not thirst for devotion, does not sanctify himself
Instead of tinsel, he prefers efficiency

Not knowing fear, who dares to act
He dooms just himself and others to death
But with modesty, calm, meekness, he who does not know fear
He another will save and himself will not die

And they are both driven by good aspirations
But one cannot expect preferences from heaven
And the wise man will never dare to predict
What good or evil will happen, what will be the result

Even the strongest hero will lose to fate without fight
Fate comes without calling, and without words it answers
Without plan, deploying invisible networks
And nobody can skip them, no one can them prevent

By death one should not be frightened, people should not be scared
When people are not afraid there is no point in punishment
But if the population is afraid of death
And someone wants to break the law
And in order to not to lose power, honor, and the law
You must fulfill your threat
Catch the criminal, punish, and kill
Will you make such a severe decision?

He who always makes decisions
Gives a verdict without accusations
He also implements and executes it
It is not worth for a ruler to hold an ax
Instead of master of death trying to chop
By his own hands, risks to hurt himself

If under predatory taxes, robbery and extortion, people are starving
Indeed such stubborn management leads to revolutions
When people have nothing to lose
They are not afraid of death, and will try change their future
In any case, their lives devoured by authorities

When a ruler values his life excessively, puts high value to his life
He objectively reduces, lowers its price
Only those who sincerely can neglect themselves
Know how to make from their life something precious

A man is weak while still he lives
He's flexible and soft, and can be easily damaged
But time will pass and all his weak soft features
Will become dry and stiff when his body dies

All beings go to just that :
They all begin as flexible and weak
And finish their life being dry bones
So tenderness is a life attribute
And dryness stiffness and hardness are signs of death

Disgrace and shame await any stupid force
For every strong hard tree, there can be found a saw
What is hard and powerful : falls and comes down
And on the contrary : flexibility and weakness rises and grows

When a warrior pulls a bow string
He simply bends, lowers the high end of the bow
And the bottom corner angle raises
The more he pulls the more selects the excess of string
More scope of movement and wave of the hands
And the more threatening becomes the power of the elastic arc from both ends of the bow
And so dao does :
To effectively manage, control our world
It tries to reduce, to minimize excess
And makes up for the lack

Only the habits and customs of the people contradicting dao
Such as when it would be customary for them to take from the poor
And give to someone who is already rich
Only someone who has an understanding of the dao
Is happy to share with the world
Although the sage does not expect help from anyone
He is not proud, cancels pride in matters that he completes
And getting recognized by the people does not seek

There is nothing in the world more malleable and more soft than water
But it always knows how to defeat the most solid, hardest, firm
It does not respond when it receives a blow
It absorbs every force without leaving a trace even for a minute
Everyone knows that the weak defeat the strong
And the softness prevails over the solid
But in life, in practice very few people apply or use this fact

And vainly, the wise man silently repeats himself :
Only the ruler is perfect who behaves like god
He who takes upon himself, and accepts without trembling the shame of country
All the misfortunes of the state, he takes upon himself
But this is not believable : and this paradoxical truth
Perceived as a lie

When you have to restrain your irritation
There still remains resentment in your soul
And that could open an opportunity to evil
There is no good in forcing people into humility

Preferring to commit himself to others
Instead of seeing other people's duties
One who is with de sees the importance of agreements
While others only want to get rights and benefits

Dao is impassive and loved ones does not highlight
Fate favors only one who knowingly performs his duty

Little country will come to my dream
With few people and neighbors so kind
Satisfied with life
And afraid of death
Distant countries they just do not need

They have everything not to envy
But they just do not use their tools
To sail there are boats
And to ride chariots :
None wants yet to travel with them
Although there's a weapon for calm
But there is no desire for conquest
Off inventions refuse
Generations from sages
Fathers' customs they're keeping again

Their modest food will taste so sweet
Homespun clothes for me will just fit
Life in their homes's calm
Life in their homes's ease
Customs with which they are wonderful

Let to neighboring country will be only a step
And from there i could hear barking of dogs
Until death i will not go there, anywhere
So i never will need to go back to my home
I would have lived calmly for long many years
And with strangers, with fellow men never collide

True faithful speech does not happen beautifully
And beautiful words are unconvincing

Dignity does not express itself in dispute
And he who argues : does not possess the truth

The ability to see the truth is not connected to education, to knowledge, or acquisition
And omniscience does not have the correct of knowledge interpretation

Whoever foolishly collects his knowledge, he is not wise
And the sage : the more he gives : the more adds to his wisdom : the more he gains

Like the high dao of the heaven : just to give life to the world without any harm
So the dao of the wise man is : to create and never enter into any dispute

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