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2021/12/02_1 - сегодня нож кухонный блядь идёте покупать
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02 декабря 2021
Afula Three Cones

Afula Three Cones

Three Cones : idea, project for Afula, Emek Yizreel
Was born in 2013 from project from 90s of previous century in (now) Kyiv State Institute of
Decorative and Applied Art and Design named after Mykhailo Boychuk
https://goo.gl/eAeW6W of clock-building, museum-”storage” of Time and of hps concept (homo piu sapiens)
Spiritual fecundation: Stav, Angelina, Nadia, Lena etc.
Smartphones were not invented yet and so was interest for public clocks
Now functions of cone buildings not as for 90s, changed, without need of indication of time
Simple form from stereometry
Lite Cone, Minkowsky Space
Lower Cone (supposed to be constructed) is Cone of Past, Upper Cone is visual, from lite, lasers, UAVs
Can be attraction, Israeli and International (spiritual?) center, symbol, monument, temple
Hi Tech buildings, businesses, trade, entertainment, culture, museums etc., anything
Size of cones is different but (may be) in Golden Proportion,
f.e. 13, 8, 5 floors or 21,13, 8 or 34, 21, 13...
Height must not be as of Egyptian Big Pyramid (136m)
but angles 52, 53, 54, 26 borrowed
Buildings as much ecological as possible, as much lite transparent as possible, can be H2 too
Coating, exterior surface: Yakov Yasman
In tender of architecture and construction welcomed
May be Google Afula office in one of the cones, welcomed
May be Chinese Room place https://goo.gl/XW6s7i (AI)
On the 9 floor can be amphitheater, scene
Place for buildings can be chosen by Afula municipality and architects
Distance between cones can be as in Orion Belt stars http://goo.gl/P2JNvi
A wide public participation welcomed
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