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12 ноября 2020

Brian Chang

Sat, Nov 7, 12:39 AM (5 days ago)

to borry_boo, bcc: me
Do you know how literary magazines work?

Be part of our growing community and readership.

What would you say if we pick you as one of our faces in our magazine imprint for our Christmas Edition?

Here's a grasp of what we can do for your profile and materials.

Feel free to send me an email or set an appointment for a call.

Best regards,
Brian Chang
Ads Magazine Specialist

Yes, I would be interested. berl0oo@gmail.com

Dear Dima,

Good day!

I am really happy to talk to you this regarding for magazine feature. This will help you and your book to be known worldwide. so a lot of people in the world will read about your book. This Magazine will be displayed and distributed here in New York for global Promotion.
I will sent you more details tomorrow.

Best regards,

Hi Dima Monsky,

Good day!

Thank you for adding our address to wikimapia. We are looking forward to seeing your photos and book photos to our imprint Magazines for Christmas Edition. This will be distributed and displayed here in New York libraries, book stores, and newsstands.

I will be happy to assist you with this because this is a good chance that a lot of people around the world can read your book. This is a global promotion where we are featuring your amazing stories, struggles, success, and dreams as an author and person. Since your book adopted a lot of languages that the world should know.

Please see the below inclusions for this Fullpaged article for this Christmas Edition. Please I will be very to know your feedback about it.

About us:

We watch, listen, read, and write, and present who has an impactful story to tell. The Universal Pages immerses in stories and inspiration and aims to build a platform that celebrates authenticity, freedom, and transformation with no boundaries. Here's our website https://www.theuniversalpages.com/
Why worked with us?

Magazines are different from newspapers in one regard, they direct your article or ad to a target audience.

Magazines are designed to reach a particular segment of the population.

Article or advertise in particular magazines you can reach a target audience related to the subject of your book

The advantage of advertising in magazines is you can target your audience more selectively, and write more specific ad copy while appealing to the specific interest of the readers.

We believe that writing is an art form. Having the ability to paint a picture with words certainly doesn't come overnight and that is what we do as a magazine. We want to help you create that picture that we can send to the readers who're going to read magazine articles about you.

Having this kind of opportunity for you, we would be able to attain our goal of painting a picture with words.
Brian Chang

Nov 11, 2020, 7:55 PM (6 hours ago)

to me
Hi Dima Monsky,

Good day!
Inclusions are:

1 page on the actual Magazine imprint that we will be distributed on New York libraries, bookstores, newsstands. We will also be sending you the actual magazine imprint in your location.

Publicist — so basically the main question is what does a publicist do for you to do that. From the name itself, they are the one who's going to publicize your brand and creations in the field that you wanted to take most in particular in the literary world. Giving your own personal publicist is a catch because he/she is the one who's going to inform you what necessary things you need to do in order for you to cope up with the immense change that is happening in the marketplace.

To be featured in our digital magazine (3 magazine articles will be published).

Global Promotion (Social Media Marketing Campaign) — The world is changing, the thing is as a magazine we cope up with these changes. We go digital which is why we can still reach lots of people in all parts of the world. And once we say Social Media we are reaching people who are using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and other social media outlets out there.

Newsletter campaign — this is where we do email blasting reaching 5000 emails weekly and this will last within a month. What we're going to do here is to inform our affiliates, readers, influential people, top businesses in the industry, book critics, and traditional publishing houses that your book exists and you as an author exist.

Total cost: $3000
Sponsorship discount: 50%
Investment from you: $ 1500
( since this will be for December I can apply for an installment program just for you)

Let me know your thoughts.
Thank you and God Bless

Best regards, Brian Chang

Thank You, Brian! Since The Universal Pages, Your Magazine, dealing not only with info but also with Cash Flow, i agree for a sum of only $150 (you are paying me for our cooperation)
Please don't think this is my impudence, this is only my (Middle East) way of proudly helping your Magazine — how? — for this sum
i will cooperate, will provide you (potentially by priceless!) of maximum inפורmation: f.e. i will explain you what is it inפורmation itself, i hacked in summer 2010 any it and it in general
I will explain You why Dao De Ching Tel Aviv Translation costs 1,777 United States Dollar and Dao De Ching Kyiv translation 228 United States Dollar only (seriously)
I will explain who are
ريآن قديحح, عيسى خليل النجار,
Om Mohammed, Dina Meh
the people and where are they from, after Belarus Opposition
I will open for you all i can, f.e. from World of Cemeteries Digitalization to Saharan Yoga, to Cyclopean Masonry
I will try understand with you why Hydrogen Fuel Cell will defeat in the end Electricity (Tesla Way)
And what is Energy Synthesis vs Energy Extraction
I will teach You how provide truly authentic and accurate objects or events descriptions, even it is simple, but rare someone doing
I will explain you why i love Richard Stallman http://old.wikimapia.org/#lat=-57.7422125&lon=-158.3569336&z=15&l=0&m=w
And i will open for you Secret Polygon Art Zone http://old.wikimapia.org/#lat=-57.6159224&lon=-158.5986328&z=8&l=0&m=wt
I can gift you any of A7 hardcopies of my books, f.e, Zeichenkapital, Dao De Ching English, Hebrew, Phoenician, Ukrainian, Orabic A7 size Editions
I will introduce you HPS concept and will share what i want to build in my city Afula, between Armageddon and Nazareth
And my future gifts to Museums of Civilization and Evolution
Etc. etc. etc.

Please feel free to accept or refuse my proposition. You owe me nothing and i owe you nothing

Brian, i am a Big Brother from ZOG http://old.wikimapia.org/#lat=-57.4553045&lon=-161.3930999&z=14&l=0&m=w , watching also Broadway, 42
Is really $150 so huge amount of bucks?

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