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03 июля 2020

Paid 1 shekel for 3 25 78 number assignment
Снаут: «Только дверь не закрывай»
Крис: «Да какая это дверь, одно название»
Я: «Да какая это книга, одно название»
This is tiny even not book, hope sharing, title may be useful:)
Sorry for me Marx Kapital tldr, i can get from it only title for new reality,
wish will be only positive revolutions and evolutions inside civilisation
Any Information, Information in general i understand
as any (positive) violation, violation in general
(root fr פר פור הפרה in Hebrew, руш in Russian, Ukrainian). Violation is not violance!
Intellectual Value of smth or somebd is as others respect smth or smbd intelligence
Likes and upvotes can be connected to currency
Information (violation) can be commodity and can not be
Democracy is one per 4 years bit-cracy (Dov Contorer)
AI is not anti natural or anti intellectual, not limitation but extension
Was Communism religion? Are Microsoft, Apple or Linux religions?
Imo no more religions existing in the world, only two ideas, ideologies
One of love, civilisation, creation, spiritual fecundation,
vs second of hate, barbarism, vandalism, destruction, mental masturbation.
Liberal Fundamentalism (defending rights of cannibal)(Y.Latynina) is cancer of civilisation
Society of a parasite-mediator — execution of «declared» functions
(the airline makes air travel, the hospital is healing, etc.) always becomes secondary,
and intentional blackmail or sabotage of functionality
for knocking out profits or achieving control over customers is the most everyday receptivity,
on which to pay attention as not accepted — «Nu, that's business?» http://emdrone.livejournal.com/176676.html
To achieve the result, the organism (system) must provide
a maximum of mutual information between environmental conditions and reactions
(maximum information principle of Petrov, Golitsyn)

Just to publish something, here are signs:

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